Nutrition Consultation

Meet  "Bon Appetit"' Magazine's award  winning, healthy organic food chef, Melissa Love, who will assess your nutritional needs, health and weight loss goals to create and implement a dietary care protocol.


Remote Consultation

Customized nutrition analysis, meal plan, hormone testing, weight loss actionable advice, one-on-one sessions (via phone, skype, facetime) 

Weight Loss Protocol 

Our team addresses comprehensive and complex weight issues; sugar addiction, behavior modification, hormonal/ menopausal issues, metabolic disorders, compulsive over eating, weight loss maintenance expertise, will power fatigue strategy, low carb/ketogenic methodology and advocacy.

Love's House Calls/ Shopping With Love

Give Love a crack at cleaning out your cupboards and the O.K. for a refrigerator redo. Melissa is a makeover maven, and will guide you through your market minefields where the sneaky sugar and carb killers have taken cover.

Body Composition Testing

Bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) body fat/composition testing and monitoring gives us an insight into your  health status and disease risk. Used by the CDC, it will enable us to monitor the impact of changes to your diet protocol and fitness routine..



 Medical Laboratory Testing, Consultation and Evaluation

Meet with Dr. Richard Koffler, an integrative physician, and hormone dysfunction specialist and certified nutritionist and weight loss expert Melissa Love to discuss laboratory results and various pharmacological and therapeutic treatments available to correct any hormonal imbalance or medical condition.