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The InBody 570

Body Composition Results You Can Trust

This award-winning, premier line of  composition analyzers is trusted by professionals worldwide. InBody is a member of the Obesity Medicine Association & Obesity Treatment Foundation Corporate Advisory Council. InBody is used by professional athletes (including the NFL), navy seals and the top hospitals in the country, such as Penn Medicine, Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins.

The InBody test takes you beyond the traditional scale. Through its advanced technology, this non-invasive body composition analysis helps you understand your weight through amounts of muscle mass, water, and fat content.

When you see your actual body composition, you will have a better assessment of your true health and fitness so you can more accurately set obtainable goals. Now, you’ll be able to see your whole fitness journey from the start! The InBody test allows you to track the changes in your body allowing you to gauge the success of your workouts and Melissa's Medically-Guided Weight Loss Protocol.

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