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Weigh Less with Love, Melissa Love, Certified Nutrtion and Medical Weight Loss Expert - Weight Loss Specialist in Westport, CT

Stop the Wait

Start Losing the Weight

Lose Lbs with Love and Win!

Weigh Less with Love, Melissa Love, Certified Nutrtion and Medical Weight Loss Expert - Certified Nutritionist, New Canaan, CT
Weigh Less with Love, Melissa Love, Certified Nutrtion and Medical Weight Loss Expert - Lose Weight Fast

Medically-Guided Weight Loss

Science-based Solutions with Fast, Measurable, and Sustainable Results

Personalized Programs Include

Weigh Less with Love, Melissa Love, Certified Nutrtion and Medical Weight Loss Expert

Weigh Less with Love's medically-guided weight loss programs include:

  • Health screening and medical assessment through state-of-the-art laboratory testing

  • Mindset development and behavior modification to eliminate self-sabotage and build confidence

  • Actionable advice

  • Accountability

  • Motivational support

  • Weekly check-ins allow for plan adjustments and ensure you stay on track

  • Strategies to combat uncontrollable hunger, high carb cravings, and emotional eating

  • Weight loss maintenance for lifetime success

  • Nutritional and lifestyle counseling

  • Food log analysis

Melissa Love, AKA "The Westport Weight Loss Whisperer," understands that some individuals have difficulty losing weight, despite rigorous dieting and fitness compliance.

Individuals are genetically and biochemically distinct; no two bodies are alike and neither is her medical weight loss protocol that offers solutions based on science.

In fact, science is now unraveling the complex interactions and interplay of an individual's distinct metabolic makeup; including one's psychological, environmental, adrenal, neural circuitry, mitochondrial, bio-chemical system imbalances, and microbiota. 

Melissa works collaboratively with a team of highly revered physicians to evaluate these intersecting factors of each patient's unique physiology. Using a variety of state-of the-art diagnostic tools including cutting-edge blood chemistry analysis, extensive hormone testing, and intracellular micronutrient assessment, they create an evidence-based, medically-guided "big picture" plan. All programs are personalized for successful, sustainable, and speedy weight loss, ultimately restoring the body back to optimum health.

Client Spotlight

In 2022, Melissa's clients lost a total of 3,822 pounds and thousands more continue to lose and then thrive on the Weigh Less with Love Maintenance Program

Weigh Less with Love, Melissa Love, Certified Nutrtion and Medical Weight Loss Expert - Darien, CT



115 lbs

Total Weight Lost

130 lbs

Total Weight Lost



65 lbs

Total Weight Lost



72 lbs

Total Weight Lost



64 lbs

Total Weight Lost





93 lbs

Total Weight Lost



61 lbs

Total Weight Lost



88 lbs

Total Weight Lost

Love's Biggest Brag

5 Star Reviews

The Weigh Less with Love Difference

Weigh Less with Love cuts through the noise and confusion that surround so many other "diets". Melissa rejects all the distracting gimmicks and gizmos, the pushy pitching and selling of packaged processed food products, "miracle" detox juices, teas, and smoothie cleanses promising the pounds will peel off.


The difference is, she promotes nutrition science, counseling education, empowerment to become the expert of your own health, and offers tools and tips for controlling lifestyle behavior that leads to overeating and the if "I don't sit down, the calories don't count" BS. Finally, Melissa and her team find solutions, not commonly available elsewhere. 

The dramatic centerpiece of Melissa's protocol is identifying and treating the root cause of your weight problem.

  • Comprehensive plans for healthy menu planning and food shopping, fitness and exercise

  • Pregnancy nutrition planning and new mother’s post-baby weight loss

  • Child and teen weight loss and nutrition counseling

  • Anti-aging, cancer prevention, and immunity boosting strategies

  • Nutrition options for dining out, holiday gatherings, and traveling

  • Bioidentical hormones for women and men (i.e., low libido)

  • Compulsive overeating and binge eating disorder

  • Stubborn weight loss

  • Carb and sugar detoxification / sugar addiction

  • Depression

  • Fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Overcoming plateaus

Regiments and Remedies

Weigh Less with Love, Melissa Love, Certified Nutrtion and Medical Weight Loss Expert

Being overweight or obese has now overtaken smoking as the number one preventable cause of cancer / death in the United States.


Melissa and Her Team Treat a Broad Range of Medical Conditions

  • Insulin resistance

  • Leptin resistance
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction

  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

  • Perimenopause and menopause

  • PMS

  • Type 2 Diabetes

  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency

  • Obesity

  • Hormonal issues that cause weight loss stall

    • Adrenal fatigue 
    • Cortisol excess, "Stress belly"
    • Hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's, thyroiditis disease, functional and nutritional thyroid support​

  • Digestive problems

  • Heart disease

  • Hypertension


Sam Levine

There are so many nutritionists in Connecticut and New York with equal credentials but Melissa has a talent you can't teach or duplicate.


I’ve done it all: Weight Watcher’s point system, no thanks; packaged food programs like Ideal Protein, where the food is filled with nitrates, salt and god knows what, never again; NutriSystem, thanks but no thanks; liposuction, done and fat grew back!

Nothing has worked except seeing this motivational / mentor / medical expert / nonjudgmental / partner in weight loss, Melissa Love!  


Her ability to get through & peel away the defenses and excuses is a true gift. She's tough and yet so compassionate — and knows everything about losing weight.

Try to get in to see this wonder woman! (if she’s taking on new patients).

I lost 55 lbs in three months and I couldn't have done it without Melissa Love's guidance and expertise.


I had actually gotten her number from the nurse at my doctor's office who recommended her. She told me that Melissa worked miracles on her as she had lost 64 lbs and looks amazing.


Melissa customized weekly menus based on my health conditions (pre-diabetes and diverticulitis) and did a complete over haul to change my life. Beyond nutrition education and coaching and because she knows so much about medical / hormonal problems, she sent me for extensive lab work and got to the root cause of my weight problems and compromised health.

I'm so excited only 8 more lbs to go.

During these past 4 Covid months, I put on 25 excess pounds. I was already heavy - and now obese - and I was desperate and ready to lose the weight once and for all.

Melissa proved to be every bit the weight loss wizard or "weight whisperer" as she's been coined. When I first enlisted her help, she gave me a health profile to fill out. I listed a few odd ailments like a swollen, sore and inflamed tongue and major fatigue which Melissa suspected was anemia. (Lab work proved she was correct) I also listed an increased, unrelenting appetite and other issues which Melissa thought was "leptin resistance" and "pre-diabetes" which my lab work numbers showed.


She had the doctor prescribe medication, and she put me on a meal plan which resulted in the weight coming off fast! I've already lost 24 pounds in 6 weeks and feel so healthy and strong.


As I head toward my goal, I remain grateful and awed by this woman's wizardry!

Suki Express Reservations

Anne Isaacs

Melissa Love

Certified Nutrition & Medical Weight Loss Expert

You Don't Have to Do This Alone!

Put Melissa on the Case: Say good riddance to grief and salute the soon-to-be svelte you!

  • Trying countless diets and every “Get Fit Fast” scheme, only to continue failing at your goals?

  • Weight cycling or losing weight only to gain it all back - plus more?

  • Feeling like you are knowledgeable about the right foods to eat, yet keep falling victim to sugar and carbohydrate cravings?

  • Working out without seeing results?

  • Binge eating or grazing throughout the night? 

  • Feeling constantly bloated, gassy, swollen, depressed, and fatigued?

  • Beating yourself up or feeling hopeless, full of shame and self-loathing?

  • Complaining that “Something’s not right? 

Want to kick your excess cortisol to the curb? Something this serious needs an expert! Contact Melissa to find a fix and change your life forever.

Hara Hachi bu

Enjoy Delish Food and Lose Weight

Hollywood Television Actress Turned Nutrition & Weight Loss Expert

I had the best life ever: a sweet and hot hubby, two delicious and delightful daughters, a thriving career, a new home in the Palisades (it looked like a palace) that used to be Princess Grace Kelly's, and a calendar filled with invitations from a bevy of celebrities like Larry David and his fab wife Laurie at the height of Seinfeld. In fact, they bought the house that my then-husband built, and we became so close that when it was damaged during the LA earthquake, they moved into our guest house.

It was a "pretty, pretty" perfect time.

The only problem was that I was miserable and...FAT!!!

Cut to: Several months later, a new me emerges, having lost 63 pounds. In fact, I have maintained this weight loss and my healthy weight range of 108 - 110 pounds for the past 25 years.

Are You Done With...?

Enjoy tasty food and lose weight? It seems like an impossible task these days! What if I told you there is a Confucian-inspired phrase that is so powerful that the Japanese swear is the secret to their healthy and longevity inspired lives. HARA HACHI BU! Originating from the Japanese island of Okinawa, the phrase has become an important part of the Okinawan diet and culture. Studies have shown that the people of Okinawa live the healthiest and longest lives across the world. All thanks to Hara Hachi Bu! But what exactly is its meaning?

Hara Hachi Bu means to eat until you’re 80 percent full. By eating slower, your brain has ample time to send out a signal of fullness. It is no secret that we all have overeaten at some point in our lives or eaten too quickly to only later realize that we have overdone it. This happens because it takes our brain approximately 20 minutes to send out a signal that our body is full. By leisurely eating, we can give our bodies the time it needs to signal that we have eaten enough! But don’t take my word for it, take the city of Okinawa and its blue zone certification. Next time you sit down for a meal, remember Hara Hachi Bu and watch as you get thinner and feel healthier.

Lauren Roth

Melissa deserves all the accolades she receives. She is that amazing at weight loss. I was referred to her about 3 months ago by my dental hygienist who knew I was struggling with at least 60-65 excess pounds. I had hypertension, type 2 diabetes and my LDL cholesterol was through the roof.


Melissa was not having any of that and set me up with a very customized plan that took into consideration that I traveled extensively for business. She would literally go online to locate the hotel I would be staying at, in the ever-changing cities I travel to and find appropriate restaurants. She'd then examine their menu selections so that I could follow her plan anywhere in the world.


Well, it's 13 weeks since starting and I'm down 47 pounds and no longer taking ANY medication.


She's my miracle and if you're truly wanting to change your life, call "Sweet Melissa" - Allman Brother's Circa 1970

Went to see 'Westport's Weight Loss Whisperer', Melissa Love and WOW...

I've lost 12 lbs in 14 days!!

She is amazing! So much energy, medical knowledge and I recommend her 1000%.

Melissa is an incredible coach, remarkable nutritionist, and savior who inspired me to lose the remaining 50 pounds I had to lose.


I was not well and dealing with diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea. Rather than feel sorry for me, it was quite the contrary.


Melissa created a plan of action and was so positively convinced I would succeed that I began believing it too, and finally won this war! She is the real deal, and I know, because I went through 3 other nutritionists who couldn't hold a candle to Melissa and her talent.

Beth Goldstein

Emma I.

Carol Coleman

Having been on every diet known to man, I was very skeptical that this so called "weight whisperer" could get stubborn me to lose my belly fat before I walked down the aisle last month.


Well, Melissa did and I lost 43 pounds! She worked her magic and made me the happiest bride ever.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I had heard about Melissa from my 16 year old daughter, Skyler's pediatrician who urged me to call her to help both of us lose weight. Melissa saw us separately, and my daughter swears Melissa was — and is — the answer to her prayers.


Skyler has lost 22 of the 30 pounds she has to lose and has never been happier and healthier. Melissa is truly gifted, and talked to my daughter in a way that got her to open up and transform her relationship with food.


For me, Melissa was equally successful in getting to the root as to why I was using food to manage my feelings. She's a straight shooter and gets deeply personal, and my advice is to let her work her magic.


She also offers solid tips, short cuts and shares so much about nutrition and the science of weight loss in a way you can understand.


I have the last ten pounds to go, and Melissa said I'll be there in time for Thanksgiving. I know who I'll be saying thanks to!

I'll bet you're reading this because your weight is out of control and you've exhausted every medical option or treatment and you are desperate for help and guidance. Enter Melissa Love who gave me hope, amazing weight loss results and the answers to my health complaints that I've been searching for.


She first put me through a comprehensive workup and lab testing to figure out why I was feeling depressed, cold all the time, had extreme exhaustion and fatigue -sapped of energy, chronically felt stressed, my hair was thinning and why despite dieting, I was not losing weight.


Her discovery was that not only did I have hypothyroidism and Hashimotos, but she found a goiter /nodule on my right side, which she said thankfully wasn't causing swallowing issues...


Besides being so knowledgeable about health issues, Melissa designed a food and exercise plan for me that worked incredibly, and got my body fat burning fast.


I have 12 more pounds to lose until I hit my goal weight of 125, and what I've learned about my body and health—Holy Moly! It's mind-blowing!


Melissa is worth every penny!

Bailey K.

Ashley Jackson

I was barely squeezing into a size 38 jean and disgusted with the weight I packed on during Covid. I was also unhealthy with constant sinus inflammation, headaches, bloating, swelling and chronic exhaustion.


My life was a mess. Melissa was relentless and determined to get to the root cause of all my ailments. Detective work proved successful and I am grateful to Melissa for feeling amazing and being pain-free.


I am also down to size 30 jeans, lost all the weight due to Melissa's specific weight loss plan and fitness training program, which she switches up regularly.

Although I struggled a bit to come up with her weekly fee, her advanced education, science-backed knowledge, plus her incredibly motivating and infectious drive justifies it completely.


She has also saved me thousands in co-pays from my prior ailments and obesity.


Best of luck.

Patricia Miller

I met Melissa just before Covid. I had googled her and read reviews about pulling up to her large and beautiful home and people being nervous to meet her. She was described as tough and no nonsense and that she sees through your bs and excuses. Well, she is and does, but she's also one of the most compassionate, positive and inspiring women I've ever met. She explains what losing weight entails and takes you through a fitness plan that really sculpted me and got rid of my flabby belly.


Melissa is so confident and matter-of-fact about you getting to goal weight, that you become 100% assured as well. I needed to lose 40 pounds and lost 43.5 in 2 months, 10 days and was able to enjoy what Melissa calls a "fun meal".


No worries as her maintenance plan was and is such a pleasure as you are allowed to have several "fun meals" a week (yes pizza, pasta and burgers with buns!) followed by a few "clean protocol days" until you lose the 2 pounds you gained, and then you have several "normal" eating days at your given calorie/carb limit that she determines.


My calorie limit was 1600 which was extremely satisfying and maintainable — especially as Covid hit. She is like no one else and if weight loss and fitness is your end game, then reach out to Melissa, who's many cuts above the rest.


Lucia Aguilar

What I can say about Melissa other than SHE CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER! For 7 years I tried every single diet, trick, recipe, you name it, I tried it, but NOTHING worked.

I lived my life very depressed because I was losing power of myself, eating my own emotions to the point that I started giving up on myself.

One day I was very tired of feeling horrible about myself. I wanted to one day become a mom, but I knew with more than 50+ Lb it was not possible to have a healthy pregnancy

I found Melissa, and the first time I saw and spoke to her I connected. She let me talk and explain how I felt and everything that I wanted to achieve. She gave me so much hope. She explained what strategies we were going to use for me to feel good in this process of losing weight.


After my lab results came back, she made sure that understood that I needed a big change for my health.
I lost 50+ pounds, and I’m still losing.


My life cannot be better. She literally changed the way I look, the way I feel about myself, and most importantly, my health.

Melissa, thank you so so much for all your amazing work and your beautiful soul ❤️

Zachary Brennan



72 lbs

Total Weight Lost

54 lbs

Total Weight Lost



There is a constellation of hormonal circumstances that dictate appetite, satiety, metabolism, cravings, body fat distribution, and whether the body is a fat burner or fat storer.

In fact, here are 13 hormones that directly impact your weight.


A poor diet stands in the forefront of many preventable diseases and premature death. What you eat directs thousands of chemical reactions in the body, which affects metabolic markers and cell regeneration. Your nutrition also dramatically impacts your longevity and ability to offset high-risk genetic programming.


Chronic and prolonged stress produce high levels of cortisol, which plays a critical role in metabolism and causes fat to be stored in the belly (also known as "stress belly").


Fat doesn't cause the fat that on our bodies. Instead, sugar is the culprit that packs on the pounds. The same is true of cholesterol. Many people have high cholesterol not because they're eating a lot of bacon and burgers, but because they're over-consuming quantities of sugar, refined grains, starches, and processed foods.


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