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Tips from Westport's Weight Loss Whisperer


Lose 4-7 Pounds Per Week

Losing weight is about the complex interplay of your hormones, psychological, behavioral, and unique metabolic makeup.

Here at Weigh Less with Love, we understand no two bodies are alike and neither is our personalized medical weight loss protocol.

Say Farewell to Fat and Hello to Fat Burning and a Flat Belly




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"Nutrition is Our Passion and Purpose." 

Personalized Programs Includes....

  • Medically guided weight loss program 

  • One on One nutrition counseling 

  • Actionable advice to overcome challenges and plateaus 

  • Motivational support, discipline and accountability

  • Strategies to combat uncontrollable hunger and high carb cravings 

  • Understand and conquer emotional eating

  • Mindset development and behavioral modification techniques that eliminate self-sabotage and build confidence

  • Science based nutrition education

  • Functional and nutritional thyroid support

  • Health screening and medical assessment through state-of-the-art cutting edge laboratory testing

  • Correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies 

  • Food log analysis and adjustments for optimal weight loss

  • Healthy menu planning 

  • Fitness training / Exercise intervention 

  • Pregnancy nutrition

  • Measurable and sustainable weight loss 

  • Discussions of key nutritional concepts

  • Comprehensive anti-aging strategies

  • Immune system boost

  • Analysis of current "diet",  medications and supplement/ recommendations.  

  • Nutrition options for traveling, dining out and holidays  

  • Treating chronic disease/ health conditions/ preventative care;  Heart disease high cholesterol, high blood pressure, insulin resistance & diabetes, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) hormonal imbalance and disfunction, integrative anti-cancer strategies to reduce risk and prevention. 

  • Identify, treat and restore hormonal imbalance and dysfunction

  • Children/teen weight loss /nutrition counseling

  • Satellite coaching VIA phone, Zoom, or Facetime

  • Weight loss maintenance program for lifetime success

Client Spotlights

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Hollywood Television Actress Turned Nutrition/Weight Loss Expert...


"I had the perfect life; sweet and hot hubby, two delicious and delightful daughters, a bevy of celebrity friends, a thriving career, a brand new home in the Palasades (that looked like a palatial palace) which used to be Princess Grace Kelly's, and a calendar filled with invitations to spend time with Larry David and his fab wife Laurie, at the height of Seinfeld (they bought the home my husband and I built)  and yet I was miserable and...FAT!!"

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