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Hi ! I'm Melissa Love, AKA “The Westport Weight Whisperer,” and am a certified nutritionist and weight loss expert, who ran the Ideal Protein Weight Loss department for a doctor in Fairfield, Connecticut for several years before venturing out on my own in 2015. I'm an NYU psychology graduate with a Master's of Science degree in human nutrition from CSUN. I rounded out my education with a number of other certifications including "Health Coach", through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Prior to this, I was interested in acting, and had the fortuitous luck of starring in a Dannon yogurt commercial, which caught the attention of Norman Lear, the iconic television producer. He told my agent that he thought I should be doing comedy " and was convinced enough to fly me out to Los Angeles, to meet his television partner, Bud Yorkin, who wound up hiring me and casting me to co-star in a television series with Melanie Griffith. Acting work begot more work (under my maiden name  "Melissa Steinberg") and just like that I became a fairly successful television series actress and writer.Along the way, I met and became very good friends with a close group of well-known industry "movers and shakers" and actually award-winning oscar and emmy actors.


After marrying  residential celebrity home builder Stephen Love, I became close friends with even more well-known people in the entertainment industry. It was then that I found a niche and need for nutrition/weight loss coaching. I utilized my extensive education to springboard and create  "Weigh Less With Love",  the company that is still thriving all these years later.


My first group of weight loss clients  were some of my friends who recommended me to their friends and it really took off.  In terms of my own weight problem at the time, I believes the catalyst for me to finally deal with a compulsive overeating issue coincided with the selling of our Pacific Palisades home in Los Angeles to Larry David and his wife, Laurie.  


My husband and I then moved just up the street into the old estate of the late Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. "I had what anyone would consider the perfect fairytale life": Two beautiful girls, a great husband and friends, a thriving career, and a majestic estate overlooking the Pacific Ocean, except I was miserable." I was in  'fat-girl hell", hating how I felt and looked and thought ‘princesses that live in palaces aren’t supposed to be portly’.”


My life-altering moment happened literally the first night in the new home when Stephen and I   clicked on the television and saw a rerun of a comedy series I had been a series regular on, called “Bizarre,” created and directed by the late Bob Einstein (of Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” fame). It was a silly sketch that relied on a play on words. (Please temper your response as this was the not-politically correct late 80's) So-- I portrayed a "hysterical" woman reporting to a police captain and policeman that I had just gotten (bursting into tears) “graped.” The two men say, “You mean—” I cut them off and scream “Grape! Grape! Don’t make me repeat it—Uck! it’s such an ugly word!” After I  finish describing what happened (substituting new words for the ones too painful to say) and I exit, the policeman asks the captain whether he believed my story. The captain responds, “Are you crazy? Who in their right mind would want to "grape" her? Did you get a look at the size of her bass?” (Referring to to my big fat ass.) Gulp!

My Oprah “aha! moment” hit me all at once and forced me into immediate action. Pulling an all-nighter, and with fierce determination, I barreled through a maze of moving boxes that contained all of my academic books on clinical nutrition, health and diet disciplines, and authoritative reviews of the many weight loss protocols at that time. One particular article that I read advocated the benefits of a diet based on the total removal of carbohydrates, allowing just protein and fats in order to achieve a ketogenic, fat burning state.


By 8 a.m. the next morning, I was off to the library to formulate my own weight loss plan that incorporated the science of emptying the body’s reserve of carbohydrates to encourage this burning of stored fat.

This protocol became a worldwide success when Dr. Atkins came out with his book, touting this blissful state of ketosis, where your hunger dissipates, your energy elevates and a host of other feel good physiological effects take over. “Finding Ketosis was like capturing the Holy-Grail”

During this time, Dr. Atkins had just come out with his new “Diet Revolution,” advocating much of what I had discovered in my science texts, and it was the very protocol I  was adhering to myself.


Cut to: Several months later, and a new me emerges, having lost 62 pounds. In fact, I have maintained this weight loss and my healthy weight of 112 pounds for the past 25 years. I attribute the deep connection I share with my patients to the fact that I have walked the talk. I understand in a way that only a “true fat girl” can understand. It’s the shame, self loathing and anguish one experiences being so out of control and powerless with food.


Using the protocol that has worked for me, I have made it my life’s mission to “pay it forward". Our weight loss practice addresses everything from obesity -related medical conditions, compulsive emotional eating and self-medicating with food, one's family health history and hormonal imbalance/dysfunction. I believe individuals are genetically and biochemically different and have their own nutritional requirements. One person's paella is another person's poison."


In other words, we treat the complex interplay of one's behavioral, psychological, medical, bio-chemical, and unique metabolic makeup to ensure long-term weight loss success.The critical finale to our protocol (and  the most important) is our maintenance program.  "Those ferociously fierce fat cells are just waiting for you to fill them back up.... Remember, Insulin chaperons sugar into all the cells for use and any remaining glucose not used for energy, is stored as fat."  Hence, I remain on carb patrol well after goal weight is achieved. and I take our patients up the carb ladder, reintroducing carbs back slowly to make certain they're being burned  as opposed to being stored as fat.


Finally, I am at the forefront of advanced nutrition education and keep up with the latest literature in integrative health, new evolving scientific research, discoveries and methodologies, take continuing education new coursework, and attending health expos, lectures, and medical conferences (with my physician husband) offered throughout the country.



  • Obesity 

  • Stubborn Weight Loss

  • Sugar Addiction

  • Carb and Sugar Detoxification

  • Compulsive Overeating 

  • Hormonal issues causing weight loss stagnation 

  • Behavior Modification


Melissa is at the forefront of advanced nutrition education and keeps up with the latest literature in integrative health, new evolving scientific research, discoveries and methodologies, takes on continuing education new coursework, and attends health expos, lectures, and medical conferences (with her physician husband) offered throughout the country.


Did you know: Obesity is overtaking smoking as the number one cause of death in the United States?

Fact: It is firmly established in medical literature that obesity fuels low level, chronic inflammation, which ultimately causes DNA damage and the onset for many malignant cancers. 
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